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Raw, Organic, Vegan Super food snacks

About Us

At Raw Vitality Inc. we create premium gluten free, organic,vegan snack food products that are not heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit.  All our products are created with clean, readable, understandable and functional superior organic  ingredients, free of gluten, pesticides, non-pasteurized nor manipulated.

For the creation of all our products we employ unique manufacturing and transformation processes, we soak our nuts to enhance and awaken the nutrients and enzymes within the nut; this soaking process also creates a creamier and richer flavor for our final finished products. We soak some nuts longer than others depending on the nut’s density. We also soak & sprout the various seeds we use. We dehydrate at low temperatures to allow our products to retain their vital nutrient, enzyme, mineral and nutritional profiles, thus keeping “alive” the nutritional properties of our snack products and giving the body the essential nutrients required to function at optimum levels.

About Dimitri Tsatoumas

dimitri_2014_2I was born in and around food, particularly baked Greek / European foods. My father, Athanasios co-owned and operated Navarino bakery & pastry shop in Montreal as of 1967 until selling it to family in 1990. From a young age I was refining my food palate and had an intimate relationship to sweets, particularly chocolates and fine pastry, growing up in Montreal’s mile end and frequently visiting various french and ethnic pastry shops I would see and taste that the French versions of sweets and pastries were always smaller sized portions, but tastier more flavorful and of higher quality. These frequent visitations had me wondering from a young age why my uncle who partnered at the time with my father and handled the pastry and sweets in the business would add lemon or orange essence to the creams and the creme patissiere (custard cream), or why he would not use butter, fine chocolate and other premium ingredients in the final finished pastry products, choosing instead inferior ingredients and larger portions; I also saw this pattern at a bakery my sister worked at that was owned by an Italian gentleman; the addition of uncalled for essences and lower quality ingredients were a no-no, so first quality tasty ingredients and fine French pastry was growing on me.

I went on to study French pastry at the I.T.H.Q institute (Montreal, QC) in my early 20’s, this helped to open up my curiosity to quality ingredients, quality desserts and fine pastry. I later went on to open Naturabar Inc. with my brother in 1999 and in 2005 the company was sold, after that time I took some time off and returned to Concordia University and studied human relations and business.

Growing up I looked for myself, especially in my late teen years during  the passing of my father, I did my own intense work to come to terms with unresolved issues and traumas and it transformed my life. During this time I wrote extensively and read over 150 books in the areas of motivation, self-development, love, human actualization, health and business.

I am an athlete and enjoy healthy eating and snacking so that is why we founded Raw Vitality, with R-V we found a way to create healthy high quality super food snacks that contain first quality organic ingredients, taste great and are good for you.

I am currently a partner and the Director of Operations at Raw Vitality, an organic raw snack food company based in Montreal, Canada that supplies snack foods to a growing health conscious market.I really enjoy helping people, motivating people and guiding people in leading healthier and more balanced lives.

I enjoy family, reading, sports, great food, health, music and at the end of it all I’m working to create a masterpiece of my life.

Carpe Diem!

Director – Raw Vitality


About Georgia Siounis

georiga-corrected1I embraced the raw food lifestyle through much trial, tribulation, study and research, I truly believed eating cleaner, “closer to the earth”, whole foods would help me overcome a back problem I carried from early childhood and equally important a PDD diagnosis that one of my children had; these two major events influenced my decision to find a better way. On my learning quest, I was astonished to learn about the healing properties found in whole foods. I embraced and put live food at the center of my eating, it was a new way at looking at food and the vitality and & healing properties found in it. I can not begin to tell you of the benefits that came about because of this change, not only in my life but in the lives of my family & friends. This is the reason we decided to create our wonderful company and to share what we feel is vital to us with you. It is important to be mindful about what we put into our mouths because we are all responsible for our own health and the health of our environment.

Health and Prosperity to you!
Georgia Siounis