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Are there too many pharmacies?

I am surprised to see all the new pharmacies popping up, beautiful buildings, thousands of square feet of merchandise and usually 25% of the space dedicated for pharmaceutical use.

I did a test and drove west to east on Sherbrooke St. in Montreal and I counted close to 200 pharmacies!!! Wow! One major street running through the island of Montreal with so many pharmacies. I just thought to myself would it not be more beneficial to people’s health if their were 40 or 50 juice bars on that same street serving fresh juices and smoothies?

The prime function of a pharmacy is the business of selling medication or medicine, …medicine or medication that should make us better when we are sick, right? Yes, that is their philosophy and “raison d’etre”. Although, I always felt that their were just too many pharmacies and too much medication in pharmacies and that for them to be in business people need to be prescribed and need to be medicated in order for them to be in business.

What is ironic is that last summer I picked up a few trays of wheat grass from a supplier and a saw a beautiful brand new luxury vehicle parked in the suppliers parking lot, as I walked in and picked up my order I saw a family member of a prominent pharmacy chain picking up his supply of super foods and making his way to his vehicle before zooming off, I just shook my head and said to myself what irony! Here is this person pushing pills on the public only to be picking up the best of the best super foods for his personal use.

In 2011, sales on average in Canada just for prescription medication in larger pharmacies was more than $7 million per store. Think about that.


I know a pharmacist who I asked if all the medication behind his counter was necessary and his answer to me was no. He said that we probably need about 50% of it and I disagreed with him, I stated and this is my personal belief that we probably need a lot less. Also, I think that the laws need to be stricter for the pharmacist’s assistants, they should not by law be allowed to wear long white coats like doctor’s, I personally believe that this is a deceptive practice.

The fact that pharmacies are sprouting up like castles is an indication of what kind of profit is being made on a uninformed public, now more than ever we as consumers need to educate ourselves as to what exactly we are being prescribed and take a greater interest in the medication(s) we ingest in the name of health.

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