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Raw, Organic, Vegan Super food snacks

Eating Organic Raw Foods

Eating Organic Raw Foods

Eating Organic Raw Foods
Initially I was hesitant wondering how someone could possibly just eat fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds and feel satisfied. I could not fathom the idea of leaving out so many tasty cooked foods and limiting yourself just to only this style of eating, despite the health benefits, although once I dug deeper and read some raw cookbooks, skimmed through some recipes online and started creating some dishes myself , I realized that creating raw healthy dishes can be a very exciting experience. It is really a very unique cuisine, it’s a cuisine that incorporates nuts, seeds and grains in a unique way -(pates, sauces and creams) into dishes and fresh veggies, the dehydrator becomes your “oven” and your creativity truly makes magic. I like the concept of keeping the enzymes in tact / unaltered as it is a logical explanation put forth.

Passion for Food
I have always had a passion for food, being a pastry chef myself has opened the door to a variety of possibilities of creating tasty gourmet foods. I love to prepare food cooked, raw, steamed, grilled & lightly fried – I mean the whole 9 yards, though, I have found that as I get older, I am gravitating more and more to incorporating a higher percentage of uncooked foods into my diet. I seriously looked at this way of eating because of the positive benefits my wife (Georgia) and other raw “fooders” have gained through this lifestyle, it’s like a raw food cleanse for your body.

I am at about 50% raw right now but I don’t even think about it. I don’t intend to make it laborious or something that consumes my life, I am just eating this way because I find that I really feel fantastic and I don’t need to eat that much when I eat like this. I don’t see myself now or in the future eating only raw all the time as I still enjoy cooking, steaming and grilling my food, but I am making a lot of space in my diet for the raw cuisine.

I love smoothies, I love them because it is a quick super power food that takes 2 minutes to prepare and does so much for you, I actually try to have a smoothie a day, I throw in dark greens like Lacinato kale – the dinosaur kind (the type we use for our kale chips) , parsley, lettuce or spinach etc…, filtered water, almond butter, a banana, an apple, super foods like goji berries, cacao beans, hemp, maca powder, flax seeds and mix the whole thing up in our Vita mix and can tell you that it truly tastes good and keeps me full.

In the beginning when I would have smoothies I would add less greens than what I am adding now and I would get headaches sometimes from the smoothie (I guess it was all that super food hitting my bloodstream at once), but now it seems that I don’t get them much anymore because I was going through a detox stage. 

Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Coconut oil for me has replaced butter. As a pastry chef, I thought this would be difficult for me to admit, but it really is the real deal. Coconut is a super food, I will not go into all the nutritional benefits of it as they are numerous and a Google search will easily tell you how good the stuff is for you, to make it short and sweet – it is one of the 10 super foods in the world! I really, really love the stuff. We use it in our home and could swear that the stuff is fantastic. We also use the oil in our raw macaroons . I like to use it when I saute some garlic, and then through in some vegetables and spices and Himalayan salt and then mix everything together for a few minutes before putting them on top of some spaghetti cut zucchini or rice pasta and then topping it off with Parma-Veg (vegan Parmesan). I put some on rice cakes, on manna bread in desserts like raw chocolate pudding, ice cream or cakes, it is really an excellent replacement for butter. 

I can attest though that eating like this has helped me in all areas of my health, I have more energy, I am the same weight I was 12 years ago, my blood tests are good and I feel great. If you are not eating much raw food, you should, incorporate some into your diet and you will not be disappointed, I promise. It is not that difficult to do. My suggestion is continue eating the way you are but make room for it as you will see and feel the many benefits that come from including raw, vegan, organic foods and make sure you get your creative juices going and you will be on your way :-). 

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