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Raw Food & Mental Health

For the longest time I wanted to write about how raw whole food impacts your mental health, how eating cleaner i.e. incroporating a larger percentage of raw foods especially fruits, vegetables, greens etc.. will improve every aspect of your life.

We have operated “Kremerie Cru Vitalit√©” a vegan ice cream store for the last three years in Montreal, Quebec, we sell a vegan based coconut ice cream in various flavors and also offer juices, smoothies and our raw organic snacks. I am mentioning this because I have had a green smoothie almost everyday for the last 3 years and a fresh juice – usually a carrot apple juice. Here is the kicker – when I haven’t had a smoothie I “feel it”, I just feel my body craving the greens, my daily green smoothie is the same – I love it, our Greenalicious or Vie Vert, it contains almond milk, organic – fresh kale, parsley, frozen bananas, 1 apple and ginger, I cannot begin to tell you about how it’s helped me lose weight, gain energy, better elimination, mental clarity, better circulation and just an overall feeling of greater well being.

A little after the first year of drinking daily smoothies and juices and cleaning up my diet with cleaner foods, I began to feel some anxiety coming up, some unresolved feelings from the past, after looking into this it seems that this is actually quite normal because as the body begins to detoxify it releases toxins and cleanses at deep levels. I had tears streaming down my cheeks, I could feel the feelings in my upper chest, I wrote a lot about what I was feeling and was actually welcoming the “frozen feelings” of the past and accepting them in my life.

I attended an elementary reunion a while back and I had seen my fellow classmates all grown up, faces I had not seen for years where all around me, quite nostalgic. I remember seing a kid there I had grown up with being the most happiest, outgoing and lively, when I saw him he had experienced some personal set backs I heard and was on so many anti-depressants that he would not look at you nor was able to carry on a conversation but seemed sapped of life and just spoke in mono-tones, it was frighteneing to me to see what happens when a person becomes dependant on these drugs. In that same reunion there was another fellow who was well liked, full of energy and life and a little less than year after the reunion, he took his own life, my understanding is that he was also on anti-depressants.

My purpose here is not to bash anti-depressants or the medical community but I truly believe there is a better way, I believe that incorporating cleaner, healthier foods and super ingredients into your diet can contribute to a healthier, balanced life. I do believe that we do need to take more responsibility for our own physical and mental health.

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